Morro Bay Engagement Photos


Feb 24, 2016

“I think you can dance and be free and not embarrassed, you can rule the world.”
— Amy Poehler

I’m so excited to share Alex and Aaron’s Morro Bay engagement photos! We met at Morro Bay State Park and meandered through a small path as bicyclists whizzed by. But they were fun and down-to-earth. They remind me of how amazing my job is.

Alejandra is an aspiring filmmaker and Alex is a dancer. They initially met in dance class… and fast forward 7 months, they were gazing at the stars when Alex popped the question.

Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0002 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0006 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0005 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0004 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0003Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0007 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0010 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0009 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0008Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0011 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0013 Morro Bay Engagement PhotosMorro Bay Engagement Photos Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0017 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0016 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0015

Naturally, because they are both dancers, they decided to play around with some moves.

Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0018   Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0020 Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0019Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0022Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0023Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0027Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0026Morro Bay Engagement PhotosMorro Bay Engagement PhotosMorro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0028Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0034Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0033Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0032Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0031Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0030Morro-Bay-Engagement-Photos_0029

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