Styling Your Vintage Wedding: Everything Old is New Again


Apr 25, 2017

Vintage has been on the top of hot wedding trend lists for years. Tradition plays a huge role when couples say “I Do,” and finding tangible ways to make connections to the past only makes sense. So, where do you start when you want to get nostalgic with your wedding styling?

Where to Search

Antique stores, flea markets, and thrift stores are great places to look for classic items that can be revived and repurposed for your wedding. The fashion experts have declared lace, for example, as on-trend as it gets for the year and with a little searching, you can find great sources of the intricate embellishment while rummaging through your local second-hand shops.

Lace can be applied to gowns and veils, sewn into garters, wrapped around the stems of bouquets, and added to table runners or table décor. You can use it in a variety of themes including Victorian Romance, BOHO Beautiful, Rustic Chic – anything that can benefit from a little piece of old school style.

Antique and Retro Jewelry

Brooches and lockets are often passed down through families as heirlooms and taken out on special occasions to keep loved ones close to our hearts on important days. If you’re not lucky enough to have a keepsake in your family, start a new tradition by selecting vintage pieces to complement your gown or your bridesmaids’ dresses. Cufflinks are timeless gifts for grooms and groomsmen and can also be saved and shared with future generations.

Table Settings

Assorted teacups, retro glassware, and mismatched china make beautiful, photo-worthy table settings. Start with your palette and choose items in solids and with patterns that include your accent colors. Dress your attendants, for example, in mint green bridesmaid dresses with hand-tied fresh from the garden bouquets created from blooms in a variety of pink hues. Use light grey linens on your tables, then find teacups and china plates with designs that weave in your pink and mint tones. Add contrasting napkins for an easy and often affordable way to show off your colors, and display floral arrangements in eclectic, antique glass and ceramic containers. Everything looks better in candlelight, so don’t forget to pick up votive holders in a variety of textures, colors, and designs.

Unique Furniture Pieces

The popularity of lounges and scenic spots where guests can gather during cocktail periods and after dinner continues to grow as couples become more creative with their selection of furnishings. Look for one-of-a kind loveseats and coffee tables, especially those that could become part of your home décor after the wedding. Or, enlist the services of a specialty rental company to help you create a personal, yet temporary furniture collection that will have your guests photographing and tagging your beautiful wedding and sharing it for all to see.

Antique stores and their kin are full of treasures that can be repurposed at weddings – delicate hand fans to use as photo props, ribbons for hanging backgrounds behind cake and sweetheart tables, or vintage postcards that guests can use to leave their suggestions for a long and happy marriage. The process of shopping and searching for such goodies for your own wedding is more than half of the fun, too – so get started today!

Author Bio

Wendy Dessler, Super-Connector at OutreachMama