Yosemite Engagement Session


Feb 24, 2016

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” — Maya Angelou

Got another beautiful Yosemite engagement session to share! This time around, there was a bit of snow. Fortunately, it wasn’t freezing!

I met Maggie and Scott via e-mail, and then in person at beautiful Yosemite near the Ahwanhee Hotel. As a music lover, I enjoyed hearing their journey as a couple.

Scott was the number one singer on Reverbnation for his town. Then one day, Maggie stole his thunder. So, they planned to meet in person and get acquainted with each other. Maggie rolled in with a number of guys that looked like they were ready to pounce with some bodyguard action.

But fast forward a few years… they became Cottonwood Creek. Then, Maggie found herself in awe as Scott proposed on live television for large audiences to witness her surprise.

Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0001 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0002 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0003 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0004 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0005 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0006 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0007 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0008 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0009 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0010 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0011 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0012 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0013 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0014 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0015 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0016 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0017 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0018 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0019 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0020 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0021 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0022 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0023 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0024 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0025 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0026 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0027 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0028 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0029 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0030 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0031 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0032 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0033 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0034 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0035 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0036 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0037 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0038 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0039 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0040 Yosemite-Engagement-Photos_0041

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